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The Website of the UK's Leading Charity in Mycological Conservation

ABFG members are all amateur enthusiasts who want to broaden their interest in fungi and to help with the conservation Mushrooms and toadstools as they come under increased threat from depletion of woodland.

The Website of the UK's Leading Charity in Mycological Conservation.

Welcome to the home of the Fungus Conservation Trust (formerly Association of British Fungus Groups), serving interest in UK fungi and foraying from Caithness to Cornwall. If you are tempted by the idea of discovering the fascinating world of mushrooms and toadstools, or want to expand your existing knowledge, then this charity is here for you.

General Resources

  • FCT activities

    The Trust is for individual membership and groups alike, and its focus is on field mycology, or foraying - getting out in the woods and fields at local level to discover the world of fungi in all its fascinating forms. If you want to find out how we work before joining as a member, why not join the Forum? It's free.

  • FCT services

    The Trust also delivers a range of centralised goods and services including its open forum, stains and reagents, hand lenses, reference CDs, educational DVDs, talks, public forays, identification help, and other member support.

  • Children learn about fungi quickly

    FCT members

    The Trust encourages people of all ages and stages, especially children, to explore the world of fungi and discover these extraordinary and vital aspects of our countryside with confidence and in safety.   Children of today are the mycologists of tomorrow.

The Fungus Conservation Trust is committed to helping all aspects of your interest in fungi.

We invite you to explore these pages and learn more of what we can do for you in discovering the exciting and very different world of mushrooms and toadstools.

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need help with getting to identify fungi correctly?

That's what our Fungus Conservation Trust Forum is all about. It is here to help you. We have experts on hand to provide the right answers to your questions. You can post photos of mystery mushrooms, get identification tips, tell us your stories. What are those things growing in the garden? Will they damage my plants? Has the dog eaten something nasty? Join the Forum today. It's easy to join and there is no cost. It may open your eyes!

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