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Forum rules

Postby Ian Knox » Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:22 am

First time registration:

Registration is free and open to anyone, however applicants are required to register and subsequently use in forum activities their normal identities or formal name, pseudonyms are not permissable, any applications which include pseudonyms will be deleted without notice or further explanation.

To register for the first time look towards the blue bar at the top of the page and to the Search panel at the right hand end. Below this you will find a small 'Register' icon, click here to agree the terms of use and enter your details including a pasword of your choice then submit details.

Once registerd and accepted the initial Board Index page of the forum displays a prominent 'Login -Register' panel both at the top and beneath the list of forums, this is the login for members.


All material posted to these forum pages, including images, is subject to copyright regulation. No material may be copied, published or otherwise distributed unless strictly for personal, non-commercial and non-broadcast use, or for incorporation into the in-house Forayer, fully credited to the author.

The Rules:

There are few restrictions on the use of the forum and only some simple rules to follow:-

• Postings may not contain illegal content nor include profanity, swearing or obscenity.

• Postings may not be used for advertising purposes nor to deliver spam. This includes use for 'fly posting' of commercial events.

• Postings may not reveal personal information about the poster, or others, other than name, which must be their normal name.

• Postings may discuss politics so long as the discussion is directly relevant to field mycology and/or mycological conservation.

• Text must be your own and not subject to third party copyright unless written permission has first been granted by the third party.

• Images must be your own and not subject to third party copyright unless written permission has first been granted by the third party.

Postings or private messages which are found to include derogatory or insulting material, whether overt or by innuendo or which are submitted for the purpose of commercial gain, personal criticism or vilification, whether of another user or a third party that is not a user, will be deleted and the facility will be permanently withdrawn from the originator of the material.

If you feel that any posting or private message falls into this category please contact Michael Jordan or the forum moderator.


Pseudonyms are not permissable on this forum. Applications must include the normal name or identity of a person.

Please note that in view of the number of recent 'hoax' requests for registration, applications which include pseudonyms will now be deleted without further notice.


To insert an image into a posting, look towards the bottom of the posting page and you will see 2 buttons marked 'Options' and 'Upload attachment'. Select 'Upload attachment'. In the box marked 'Filename' select the source on your hard drive, CD drive etc. of the image you want to upload, add any caption comments you choose and click 'add this file'.

The decision of the moderator shall be final!
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