The Season - how was it for you

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The Season - how was it for you

Postby Dave H-Tranter » Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:44 pm

So the season, in the main, is over and the recent frosts are clobbering a few species along the way. Of course there will still be things to go at but I always like to know how people thought the season went. Personally I deemed it hard work at times and thought there was no real burst of fungi in general. Saying that I have had my second best year regards total of species and have clocked up a few good lists during the walks - Consall NR (100 species); Mere Sands Wood (141 species); Tatton Park (107 species) and Erddig CP (138 species). Overall I have seen about 40 all time new species to me personally and in retrospect, and despite the dry patch early on, I think the year has been better than considered when in the midst of the madness.

To add, when the obvious isn't booming I tend to find we look harder and come up with those species overlooked and under recorded. Tis all good stuff and besides the draining politics I have had to endure I am still enjoying the fungal world and trying to encourage others - result I'd say.

And was your season? :)

Fungalpunk Dave -
Dave H-Tranter
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Re: The Season - how was it for you

Postby Mal Greaves » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:03 pm

Hi Dave
I have had a great year. Other than September which was so dry it put the season on hold for a month I have managed to find interesting things right through the year (details possibly in the Forayer).
Even over the last couple of weeks a large group of Peziza that turned out to be a Sowerbyella (previously unknown to me) a few Geastrum which unfortunately are mostly still unnamed :? Lots of the new Paxillus cuprinus and P obscurisporus and on the waxcap trail three different site visits producing a dozen or more species.
So for me it has been a great year.
Ps forgot to mention after taking a year off all 2mm of the Octosporopsis nicolai returned to the cracks between the bricks on my car hard standing :D
Octosporopsis nicolai
Malcolm Greaves
Mal Greaves
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Re: The Season - how was it for you

Postby Roy Miller » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:39 pm

Well, the season for me was mediocre, an extremely long dry period in the South from summertime until late Autumn didn't help matters. However, there were a few productive moments. The highlight were finds of Tremella steidleri (confirmed by Kew) and two finds of Boletus legaliae from different loci. This year I had employed a conscious decision not to frequent my regular haunts that much, which may have clouded my prospective on how bad (or good) the season was - I had also spent more time on photographic pursuits of Lepiodoptera and Odonata, than I usually do.
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Re: The Season - how was it for you

Postby Dave H-Tranter » Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:38 pm

Wow Mal some wonderful stuff there and I look forward to catching up with these in The Forayer - should be an interesting read. That Octosporopsis nicolai is a cracking find - what a stunner. And Roy, despite it being a tough one you have had some good finds there - some you won't forget in a hurry and I see you spent more time photographing moths, butterflies and dragons but even they had a duff year of it. The Odonata groups was shocking this end - very depressing to witness.

Fingers crossed that 2017 brings a good haul of many things and some fine records input to keep this thing rolling and helping the natural world.


FP Dave
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Re: The Season - how was it for you

Postby Sheila Lillie » Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:00 pm

Hi All
I have had a very good year lots of new fungi and have joined a fungi group recorded all my finds I decided to visit a new site every week were there are no records I have also started to do a single handed survey on an area were I live with the encouragement of the landowner it is a mixed site with old mine workings from the 1700's with heathland Oak woodland and willow carr I only started in August and have just over 150 different fungi I go once a fortnight for the day and its so peaceful. I have also had some good finds on the fungi forays I have attended they seem to average 130 different fungi when out as the group has a very broad range of expertise plus a couple of Professional mycologists I just try not to pronounce any of the fungi in front of them. There are two of the genus I have not seen many of this year but I was not sure if it was because I have moved house so cannot compare to last year or that its been a bad year they are Bolete and Amanita.
I have also had the pleasure of being taken to a site were Willow Glove is thriving and got a half decent photo of it but the highlight of my year is Santa has bought me a microscope for Christmas but has let me have it early well last week so will be able to look at those LBG's now also started going to microscopy classes run by South West Scottish Fungi Group.

I hope you all have a good Christmas and new year with lots of finds

Best Wishes
Sheila Lillie
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