Collection November 2009

Collection November 2009

Postby David Edington » Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:56 pm

Recently found in the New Forest by Mushketeer Garry Rickard. As yet under recorded on CATE in this area, which is known from the FRDBI to be a favoured location for this species.

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Re: Collection November 2009

Postby admin » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:11 am

David. This is a trenchant example of why we need more people supporting CATE with data (and not just BAP data). If recorders don't deliver the records, I can't put them on, it's that simple. CATE is rapidly overhauling the FRDBI, I believe rightly so because it is a formidable development, and will include half a million modern (post-1960) records by September, but South Hampshire and New Forest is still one of the glaring if increasingly isolated gaps.

It is perverse that in February an experienced recorder like David Dell delivered 40,000 records from North Hampshire, another county recorder came in with 20,000 from Northumberland and Durham, and another pledged 50,000 from Lincolnshire, but there are still recorders out there who don't recognise the importance of CATE as a national repository, or believe that all they need do is pass to a database that is non-analytical, not controlled by the field community (how many know what or where CABI is?), and where the data ceases to be the property of those that deliver it.

In 2006 the ABFG invested in these BAP online information pages to help anyone who legitimately needed more information about BAP species, what they look like, where they have been found, when they have been recorded. Four years on, the dossiers can't be completed because a number of recorders and groups are still not transferring their data.

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