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On the question of inserting images into postings and bearing in mind the Forum is still very much a work in progress, it can be seen from the following thread


that there are currently two possible methods of populating a post with images, either by:

1. Inserting any number of small thumbnails linked to images in galleries on external websites (in future it is hoped that this could be a dedicated ABFG gallery thus preventing the possibility of broken links should the external site fail)
2. Adding a maximum of 3 attachments to the thread, any of which can be inserted in line within the text as exemplified by the last entry for Gyromitra esculenta on my list in the above thread.

Note that at present this method, unlike method 1, leaves no option other than to accept the file details as a caption to the image. Also my means of experimentation I have established that the optimum max size to display, without invoking scroll bars, is about 400 x 300 pixels.

Any other observations or proposals on this subject will be considered at a forthcoming meeting between the mods and (IT) bods .

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