Melastiza flavorubens

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Melastiza flavorubens

Postby Mal Greaves » Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:19 pm

I went with the granddaughters to the local forestry commission for a walk round the "Gruffalo" trail and I felt a bit guilty using my fungal survey pass to get us in free :oops: but I felt it was more than justified it when I found a few small red discs on the gravel and mud path. Not my favourite Scutellinia this time but a Melastiza. A look at the spores at home and was pleasantly surprised with not the usual complete network of M cornubiensis
spore stack 2.jpg
Melastiza cornubiensis

but the much more unusual warted spores of M flavorubens
Melastiza spores.jpg
Melastiza flavorubens
And the girls enjoyed the walk so win win.

Malcolm Greaves
Mal Greaves
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