Tremella steidleri

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Tremella steidleri

Postby Leif Goodwin » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:19 pm

I originally classified this as a juvenile Tremella foliacea:

_DSC0482 Tremella foliacea.jpg

Spores in Melzer's viewed with a x100 immersion objective:
_DSC0533 Tremella foliacea spores x100 in melzers.jpg

Unfortunately I did not keep the specimen having classified it as a common species. Roy Miller's recent post on Tremella steidleri led me to check my collection notes for the above:

"Brain like growth on dead oak branch with Stereum hirsutum. Cap 5cm wide light brown. Flesh brown jellyish with numerous hollows, centre firm. Spores white, yellow brown in melzers, globular 10*8 8*8 10*7 9*7 11*9 10*8 9*7 9*6 = (9-10)*(7-8)um2. Basidia with globular head and long narrow stem at least 2 spored. Clamp connections not seen."

According to the Collins Fungi Guide, by Buczacki, Shields and Ovenden, the spores are apparently far too large for T. steidleri which has spores approx. 7 by 6 um2. But this link gives different values:

Hopefully Roy can throw some light on this species, as I have no information on it in my book collection.

Incidentally, in order to photograph this specimen, as my tripod did extend high enough to reach, I had to drive to a local village, purchase a saw, return to the site, and cut off the oak branch on which the specimen was growing.
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Re: Tremella steidleri

Postby Roy Miller » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:08 am

Leif, I have replied under my post for Tremella steidleri
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