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Hyphoderma argillaceum?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:32 pm
by Steve Clements
This is the last but hardest find to have a good look at from our collections at Longshaw on Thursday. It was one of those difficult crusts, hard to match to a field photo, taking a long time to find any basidia at all. My Congo Red all precipitated suddenly so I just used water. The crust was from conifer wood (I’m fairly sure), and had a nice frosted surface at x45 under the stereo microscope – so I was looking for cystidia. These weren’t much in evidence on the squash (the crust was too soft to make a vertical section), but I found some capitate-ending hyphae, as well as pointed ones. To get a look at the surface I used the x100 and x200 objectives of the compound microscope to look at the surface, they do look like capitate cystidia, though very small (heads just 4-5 wide). Mostly the hyphae was 3 wide. There were abundant clamps so I assume the narrow basidia (4-spored) have a basal clamp. The spores are oval, 9-10 x 6-8, non-amyloid. An initial browse through FOS Vol.1 led me to Hyphoderma argilaceum. The diagrams in Corticiacaea of Northern Europe (po 456-458) do match OK with the 3 um wide tangled hyphae, the long pointed cystidia , and the basidia. The thing missing is the brown exudate. And my spores are wider.