recognition of viewers

recognition of viewers

Postby david dell » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:17 pm

in 1998 when I was building my first websites the "ISP" used to provide data on who had passed by and whether they came back to the site again.Only part of their mail address was given, so you couldn't mail them,but certainly had country of origin as an extra.
When the ISP's became rich--or in the case of Google (who used to ask us to advertise their site) rich as "Croseus" they ceased to offer this service.The technology still exists so are "you" plotting the activity rate of your customers?.Could give you a good idea of what time to launch a new thought to get a quick result!
david dell
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Re: recognition of viewers

Postby Ian Knox » Mon May 04, 2015 2:09 pm

Hello David

I agree, there are many free tracking packages available which could be added to the website, the ISP should have information to hand on the server of visitors to the site, my ISP hosts Matrixstats which e mails daily stats of visitors to me.

I will pass on this information to Michael to see if any monitoring is or can be done, I have to say as moderator one of my jobs within the forum is to approve or deny membership to the forum, I have to go through new applicants at least twice a week and 99% are spam applications which are deleted, if this were reflected in the stats then it would not give a very accurate picture of genuine visitors to the site.


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