Observations autumn 2012

Is focused foraging for edible fungi justifiable?

Re: Observations autumn 2012

Postby Stuart Bates » Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:55 am

I have also considered it after watching videos on Youtube, especially from "Mushroom Mountain" and "Mepkin Abbey" over in the States. Unfortunately I don't have the space or resources to grow anything on a large scale... but I am trying the "Blewit Burito" method of cultivating Blewits.... Basically you chop up some stem bases and sprinkle them over a sheet of damp cardboard, you then roll it up (like a burito I guess) and store it in a plastic bag for several weeks. By that time the mycelium should have colonised the card and it can be "planted" in a suitable growing medium. :D

I also attempted to grow my own Coprinus comatus... I collected some mature specimens and allowed them to liquidise in a plastic container... I then poured the "ink" over shredded damp card and am currently waiting to see if anything happens (I'm guessing it won't!!) :lol:
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