Thought experiment

Is focused foraging for edible fungi justifiable?

Thought experiment

Postby GeoffDann » Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:02 pm

Imagine you are with some people who want to learn about mushrooms, and who as well as being interested in edible species are also interested in conservation. You're at the pinetum at Bedgebury - home to the finest collection of pine trees in the country. Picking fungi is strictly prohibited in the pinetum itself, not to protect the fungi but because the FC wants to know if any pine pathogens are at large, the most obvious which just also happens to be on the list of edible species MJ posted statistics about as evidence of their recent decline: Sparrasis. Beyond the pinetum is the largest area of conifer forestry in south east England, and probably anywhere in the UK outside of Scotland, apart from the Forest of Dean. At least half of it is various species of pine.

What do you do with the cauliflower fungus you find? If you were in charge of looking over those trees, this genus would surely not be welcome anywhere in that woodland. What do you tell the people is the right thing to do? Let's say there's two. Leave them? Take one? Or uproot both of them and put them in a sealed bag?
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Re: Thought experiment

Postby Dave H-Tranter » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:32 pm

I'd take a little bit for a nibble and leave the fungus to takes its role in the natural cycle of things. All I can do is give my honest answer! Good poser there Geoff!

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