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Starting New Groups

Getting a new mushroom group up and running is not as daunting as it might seem, and we will help you all the way.

The Trust now includes member groups in most counties of England and Wales. Since 2006 we have supported the launch of new groups in Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cheshire, Dorset, Sussex, Suffolk, and Cornwall as well as providing assistance in other areas from the far north of Scotland to the Channel Islands.

Each of these groups is a fully independent member of the Fungus Conservation Trust. The Trust functions to serve their interests and they do not carry out their activities for our benefit. Our new members will always be given the option of joining one of these groups.

If you start a group it is not mandatory that all of your new members join the Trust.   The Trust, however, is heavily dependent on the annual member subscription in order to carry out its work, and we really do need the financial support of your group members.    Trust membership, whether in a group or independently, brings entitlement to full Public Liability insurance cover, the quarterly Forayer magazine, access to supply of diagnostic stains and reagents, access to training DVDs, a free identification service, and the full use of the national database.   It comes with a Trust member card, and entitlement to attend and vote at the Annual General Meetings

Give either Michael Jordan or Hazel Malcolm a call if you are thinking about starting a group, and we'll take it from there with you.

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