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Submitting Articles

Members of the Fungus Conservation Trust are regularly encouraged to send in articles for publication. We use a wide range of material from small anecdotes, to more specialised articles and the magazine tries to appeal to everyone regardless of their level of experience.

Material for publication in the next available issue of the magazine should be submitted on CD, DVD, diskette or as an email attachment using any version of MS Word. Alternatively we can accept Rich Text Format documents. Hard copy should only be submitted if none of these options are available. If you do need to provide hard copy we should be able to scan it electronically so please make sure that the print quality is good and sharp, not in draft mode. Photographs can be sent as transparencies but we would prefer digitally generated pictures in .jpeg format. Regrettably we cannot use prints. Because of the pressure on column space we do not normally accept material for publication from non-members.

If sending in material for publication please make sure that you include details of your name and address. For all contact details please click on the Contacts button at the head of this page.

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