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The Forayer

This is the flagship magazine of the Fungus Conservation Trust. Launched at the beginning of 2005 to replace the original "ABFG Journal", which was our forum of communication from the time of the Trust's beginning as an Association,  it is now the most widely read magazine in the UK on matters of amateur mycological interest and fungus conservation. The magazine is distributed as an inclusive benefit of Trust membership and is published quarterly. It is not on general sale.

The magazine is produced to a high standard, with thirty-two pages in full colour and is packed with articles, information, keys and other practical advice designed to help the amateur mycologist broaden his or her knowledge of the subject, understand the workings of fungi more fully and so gain greater benefit from their foraying ventures.

Members are encouraged to contribute material as often as they feel inclined and publication is now managed separately. The Forayer includes regular features including pages on microscopy and the use of chemicals and reagents, fungus profiles on individual species and keys. The latter are essential tools when identifying many fungi that cannot readily be determined from casual inspection.

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