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Who Can Join the TRUST?

How to Apply

Application couldn't be simpler. Fill in and send us a short form with your address, telephone number and a few other details. You can obtain a copy by clicking on the 'Application form' line in the left hand panel of this page. The basic annual subscription for 2020/21 is £32 for an individual or £36 for a family, but this may be reduced to £25 or £30 (family) if you are joining a group that subscribes voluntary contributions to the insurance levy.   The membership year starts in September but there are discounts for members joining mid-year.

We have also introduced a Trust membership at just £20/annum that includes the Forayer magazine and determination assistance, but does not include insurance, access to stains and reagents or voting rights.

You can email the form back to us here at or pop it in the post. Our address is to be found on the Contacts page. Subscriptions may be paid either by cheque or by BACS transfer. Please email us for details of Sort Code and Account. Unfortunately we are unable to arrange payment by Bank Mandate.

An image of purple pulcherricium fungusWe need your support in order to function. Anybody who is interested in mushrooms and toadstools can become a member of the Fungus Conservation Trust. Age and experience do not matter if you are happy to get out and about, either on your own or with a local foray group.

Our first objective is to help people learn about the world of fungi and the need to protect them. We do now discourage people who come to the Trust purely wanting to find mushrooms to eat because there is a serious conservation issue, and too many have succumbed to mushroom poisoning.

Some join us because they are keen to take photographs of fungi, which make marvellous subjects. Others want to paint or just to find something interesting to look at during a Sunday afternoon walk with the dog. All are welcome so long as they are happy to learn and prepared to respect our Fungus Conservation Trust principles. With members from the Scottish borders and beyond, to the Channel Islands you will be meeting friendly like-minded people.

Benefits of Joining

Full membership benefits include the quarterly Forayer magazine, local group contact, PL insurance cover, free identification service, support to form new groups, reference CDs, books, field equipment and much more.

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